Linux From Scratch, Day 35

My goal remains to have a working LXQt desktop on my Linux From Scratch installation. I’m not quite ready to begin working with the LXQt packages. There are few issues I plan to address first:

  • Finish configuration and testing of the X Window System.
  • Get the wi-fi to work.
  • Update and recompile the Linux kernel. When I completed my base LFS installation three weeks ago, I used the 4.4.16 kernel. Since then there has been an update to the 4.4.19 kernel.

Once I take care of these items I can move on to the desktop. Here’s a preliminary list of packages and dependencies that I compiled. This list is in the order that I plan to install each package; for packages that are required and recommended dependencies, I have noted the name of the parent in parenthesis, just to help me keep track of the order.

How That Guy Kevin Costner Played May Have Helped Save an Anonymous Blogger

This week’s Sysadministrivia podcast (S1E14) mentioned the case of a Louisiana sheriff who “raided the house of a blogger that called him out.” Actually, the sheriff’s office raided the house of someone they suspected of being a blogger. According to Naomi LaChance of The Intercept, the sheriff of Terrebone Parrish believed that a police officer…

Using Python to Calculate Maryland Probate Fees

I’m not a programmer by any means, but I decided to try my hand at devloping a simple Python script. Drawing on my background as a trust and estate paralegal–primarily working with Maryland law–I created a program that will automatically calculate the required probate fees for a Maryland estate. And in the spirit of open…

Happy 23rd Birthday to Debian!

August 16, 1993, was the day that the late Ian Murdock announced “the imminent completion of a brand-new Linux release,” which he dubbed Debian Linux. Twenty-three years later, Debian remains one of the flagship Linux distributions. The most recent Debian stable release–version 8.5 or “Jessie”–currently powers all three of my laptops. There are many benefits…