Controlling Your Photo Library With Fotoxx

I was implementing a new template for my professional website last week and needed to crop some images. I’ve never been terribly good with image software, but fortunately I found a fairly straightforward program called Fotoxx in the Solus Software Center. Fotoxx is really geared towards photo management, but it works well as a basic image editor.

Simple Interface, Complex Tools

Fotoxx has a very simple interface. An icon bar on the left side of the screen functions as the menu. Image files contained in system folders are displayed as a thumbnail gallery.

Fotoxx 17.01 for Solus

Once you select an image, there’s a wide variety of tools available. In my case I just needed to crop images. But you can do everything from adjust colors, sharpness, and brightness to applying special effects. Among the more interesting effects I tried was converting a full-color photograph to a black-and-white line drawing and then placing the two images side-by-side in a “panorama”:

Original photo by ReyungCho, licensed CC BY-SA 4.0

Fotoxx also lets you edit the metadata of your image files. This includes tagging an image to a specific geographic location. These tags can then be displayed on a built-in world map feature (which uses OpenStreetMap). By clicking a location on the map, as marked by a red spot, you can instantly view the tagged photos. Metadata also enables you to search photos by categories or date.

One final notable feature of Fotoxx: You can instantly create slideshows from a folder or selection of images. There are a couple of dozen transition animations available, and you can even add a music file to play during the slideshow.

Who Is Behind Fotoxx?

Fotoxx celebrated its most recent release (v. 17.04) on April 1. Solus currently has the 17.01 release available. Fotoxx is also widely available for Ubuntu-, Debian-, and Fedora-based systems. The creator and lead developer is Michael Cornelison. He’s made Fotoxx available under the GNU General Public License v. 3.0.

Editor’s Note

The original color photograph of the automobile shown above is by Reyung Cho and used here under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

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