Solus Adds GNOME to Desktop Lineup

The Solus Project confirmed that it is adding a third edition based on the GNOME 3 desktop, according to a report published today by Softpedia. Ikey Doherty, the creator and lead developer of Solus, told Softpedia’s Marius Nestor the new GNOME edition “will be using a mostly vanilla shell with some extensions enabled.” Solus plans to release its new GNOME version together with updated “snapshot” releases of its existing Budgie and MATE desktop editions “in the coming weeks,” according to Softpedia.

"Solus + GNOME = World Domination!"

GNOME Adoption to Facilitate Budgie Transition

Budgie, the flagship Solus desktop, is currently built on the graphical toolkit (GTK+) and several software components originally developed for GNOME 3. But earlier this year, Doherty announced the next major release of Budgie would move from GTK+ to the Qt tooklit as part of the process of “undoing this deep coupling to the GNOME stack.” Given this eventual “decoupling,” Doherty told Softpedia, he wanted to “fully support our GNOME loving/using userbase” by making the full GNOME desktop available now.

Budgie will still remain connected to the GNOME stack for the immediate future. The upcoming Budgie 10.3 release is expected to include the latest version of the GNOME stack (3.24). The transition to Qt will not occur until the release of Budgie 11, which has yet to begin development.

Solus has also maintained a separate edition based on the MATE desktop since last October. MATE is an update of the older GNOME 2 desktop, which was discontinued in 2010. Solus has made a number of independent contributions to MATE, notably an updated brisk menu written by Doherty.

Ubuntu Can Play With GNOME Too!

Overall, it has been a good week for the GNOME project. On Wednesday, Canonical Ltd., the parent company of the Ubuntu distribution, announced it was ending development of its Unity8 desktop and adopting GNOME 3 as its default user interface beginning in 2018. Canonical previously used GNOME 2 as Ubuntu’s flagship desktop from 2004 to 2011.

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